September 25, 2016#

Futage Branding

futage_brandingDeveloping a new brand is always fun. Here’s a quick look at the logo, and it’s usage for my newest project: Futage. Futage is a commercial drone videography service. It’s a weekend hobby of mine that’s taking a more serious path. Visit Futage.com for further details. Click photo for a larger view.

August 10, 2016#

Road to Hana

Road_to_HanaOne of my latest Crazy Shirts designs to come out is the “Road to Hana” design. Inspired from my first trip to Maui. I drove the long winding road as a newlywed in a brand new Jeep, it was a rental. We started very early in the day, ensuring we’d get plenty of time to soak in the beauty along the route. The road has something like 617 turns or switchbacks, not fun for those who get car sick. Did some amazing horse back riding while in Hana and then made the trip back the winding road to our resort in Napili, just north of Lāhainā. We encountered so many other Jeeps along the route. What a memorable, picturesque drive, be sure to experience it if ever in Maui!

April 11, 2016#

Anchors Aweigh

LetsSailOne of the latest Crazy Shirts samples to arrive in my mail box is my “Let’s Sail” anchor design. I really thought it should’ve been named Anchors Aweigh (or Anchors Away), and printed on a navy blue shirt. But, wow, it really jumps on red, I like it. Designed for a women’s T, as a nautical theme. At the time of this post, the shirt is not available on CrazyShirts.com website. However, you might find it locally at one of their many stores, maybe on the mainland, San Diego or San Francisco I’m thinking (i’m not sure really when and where it’ll land). You might get lucky and find it, or pick up one of the other fabulous pieces of art adoring their shelves. Aloha!

February 4, 2016#

Save the Whales

crazyshirts_whalesMy two latest T-Shirt designs for Crazy Shirts, Save the Whales and I Got Your Back. Inspired by the natural beauty of these massive creatures I was pleased to have created these designs and grateful for Crazy Shirts to have chosen them. If anything, to bring awareness to the fragile ocean mammals that roam our blue Pacific. These designs I believe are only available for sale on the Islands at this time, such as the Lahaina, Maui store. If you’re in Hawaii, be sure to stop by any of the Crazy Shirts locations, you’ll enjoy the artwork of the wide assortment of T’s that line their walls, you might just happen to find one of these in your size.

August 23, 2015#

Moo Cards

I was skeptical to order some business cards online from a printer thousands of miles away. To my surprise, the order arrived just a few days after I placed it. The printing quality looks better than decent. The color is close to how it appeared on screen, and the paper quality is uniquely sturdy. Round edges give the card some added style and are less apt to get dog eared. Moo-ve over local printer, MOO is now my top choice. Isn’t that the sound a cow makes? Check out MOO here, or use the green boxed logo below.

Business Cards, MiniCards, Postcards and more

August 17, 2015#

Self Promo Video

Just another self promo piece to showcase some of my work. It supplements a one-off custom printed book that I just had printed by myclearstory.com. You can check out the 3 minute motion graphic on YouTube here, or click on the image. It’s always frustrating to assemble your own promotional work. In all honesty, it didn’t come out the way I’d like it to be. As usual, I’ve got limited time and resources to spend on items such as this, so sometimes “it is, what it is” happens. In any case, this video file will eventually live on a custom branded USB business card that I recently ordered and will contain other self promo related files. Keeping your portfolio updated is an important task and often overlooked in our daily lives as professionals.

June 18, 2015#

Xplore Camera

Friends… My latest adventure is a partnership in the launching and marketing of the Xplore action camera here in the U.S. I’m responsible for most of the visuals and branding, items such as the XploreVideo.com website, icon design, future concept images and other imagery.

This camera is a serious contender in the point-of-view (POV) camera market. The Xplore camera offers several advantages over competitors such as GoPro. First, the price point is much lower without a sacrifice in quality. Second, every Xplore camera comes with a wrist view / remote watch (making it strikingly unique). The watch allows you to see exactly what your camera is filming. It’s a viewfinder on your wrist and you can control up to six cameras per watch. The camera can even connect via built-in WiFi to your smart phone using a free app.

We need your help… I encourage (begging here) you to head over to our website and check it out for yourself. Don’t miss out, early adopters of our Indiegogo campaign can save up to 33% on purchasing a camera. If your not geeky enough to buy one, spend $5 just to support us, we’ll give you recognition!

We’ve got big ambitions, we’re excited about the Xplore product. We know the market is ripe for another action camera to take off, and we’re taking it there! We’re placing our money where our wrist is and investing in the the Xplore product and our overseas manufacturer. Our timeline includes crowdfunding, then multiple production runs, including branding and packaging changes and enhancements to the watch’s physical design. A second generation camera with 4k, and even an Apple Watch app could be in our future pipeline. We think you’re gonna love it. Happy xploring!

January 2, 2015#

Tiki Koffee Hut

Check out one of my latest freelance T-Shirt designs for CrazyShirts.com. This one is printed on a Kona Coffee-Dyed Classic Crew. Coffee beans arranged in the shape of the islands accent the illustrated grass roofed hut (a fictional java bar), which hosts silhouetted caffeine buzzed island goers.

November 6, 2014#

2014 MarCom Award Winner

It’s not everyday that I get to toot my own horn, or call myself an award winning designer, so I’ll take that opportunity now… Apparently I’ve won a Platinum award for this prestigious contest in the category of Design (Print/Graphic Design/Infographic). MarCom Awards is an international creative competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals. Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, design shops, production companies and freelancers. The competition is perhaps the largest of its kind in the world. It is judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. 6,500 entries, 200 Categories with 17 percent of the winners winning Platinum. So what did I enter you ask? I entered the Access Architecture corporate brochure designed for PCSC, as seen below on this same page. more details here

August 4, 2014#

Creature Features

See one of my latest T-Shirt designs at CrazyShirts.com. This one is printed on a Crater-Dyed Classic Long Sleeve Crew. I was inspired by other gecko designs from other CrazyShirts artists, and came up with this design hoping to complement the others designs. Also available in a kids version here.